Types of Balloons

There are so many different types of balloons in latex, foil, plastic, and chloroprene that it is hard to know where to begin. But, begin we must, so let’s start with the basics, the foundation of what started it all – THE LATEX BALLOON.

Latex balloons are made from the sap of a rubber tree. This makes latex balloons natural and biodegradable. Latex balloons are therefore a natural substance that breaks down in sunlight and water. Latex balloons should NEVER be confused with plastic (Bubble) balloons or foil balloons.

In the beginning latex balloons were mostly created as round or the more classic tear drop shape. Today, latex balloons come in tons of sizes and shapes, with some that defy logic (more on that later). Today latex balloons are manufactured in over a hundred colors and in a handful of different finishes.

There are different grades of latex balloons. There are decorator grade, party store grade and cheaper imports. The balloons we use are ONLY of the highest quality decorator grade. The difference between the decorator grade balloon and all the rest  (besides being more costly for us) are:

  1. Larger color palette for you to choose from
  2. Decorator grade balloons stay afloat longer than the less expensive latex balloons
  3. More consistent coloring throughout each balloon
  4. Truer size and shape of each balloon when inflated properly
  5. Less breakage
  6. Much larger selection of sizes and shapes

The colors of latex balloons we offer fall into five color “finish” categories. They are standard or Fashion colors, Crystal or Jewel Tone colors, Pearl or Pearlized colors, Metallic colors and the fairly new Reflex or Chrome colors

Fashion Colors

These tones are offered in all of the more basic colors from pastel to rich darker colors. The finish of Fashion latex balloons are opaque and smooth looking.

Crystal or Jewel Tone Colored Balloons

These balloons generally are deeper, richer colors than the Fashion colors. They are also much more transparent than the Fashion colors.

Pearl or Pearlized Colored Balloons

Pearl colored balloons are generally pastel colors and their finish his a bit of a shine to each of them. They are opaque like the Fashion colors

Metallic Color Colored Balloons

Metallic colors in latex balloons are generally darker than the Pearl colors yet they have the same finish as the Pearl line of balloons in that they have a bit of a shine to each of them. They are also opaque.

Reflex or Chrome Colored Balloons

These colors are the newest in our line of latex and have become instantly popular because of their truly dynamic, almost mirror-like shine to them. Though their color palette is more limited than the other colors above, they create a wonderful accent color to any design or bouquet delivery. Their shimmering finish highlight the most elegant of balloons that truly have a radiance to them with their brilliant reflective surface.

Reflex Colored Balloons: 

Chloroprene Balloons

Chloroprene balloons (sometimes called Cloudbuster™ balloons) are the big brother to the latex balloon. Quite often used as weather balloons because of their strength, these balloons make a HUGE impact at both indoor & outdoor events. We carry these balloons in three sizes – 4’ 5½’ and 8’ (we told you they make a HUGE impact!), A blend of natural and synthetic latex allows these larger-than-life balloons to withstand the elements and float for days when inflated with helium!

For a more comprehensive chart of latex colors, please visit our Web site at Color chart: https://balloonacyonline.com/color-and-size-chart/

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