Winter is here, so let’s go out and enjoy it in all it’s splendor!

With last week’s snowstorm, and the groundhog seeing his shadow the week before, it’s obvious that Winter is still here! So why get upset, let’s revel in it!

Snowflakes In Windows - Winter

Snowflakes In Windows

Rather than focusing on the traffic and the shoveling, let’s enjoy all of the splendor that Winter has to offer. Winter can be a glorious time of year, filled with beautiful snow covered landscapes, scenes of children sleigh riding and making snowmen, and that chill in the air somehow magically erased simply by drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

We’re doing just that by making some beautiful Winter-themed balloon art. The Winter season always lends inspiration to our creativity, helping us design some truly wonderful seasonal decor.

So please, enjoy some of these photos of our work. They may even inspire you to run outside to fall down on the snow covered ground and make a snow angel.

Yes, it seems that Winter is upon us folks, so let’s try and have some fun with it. Remember, no matter what the weather forecasters or even the groundhogs say, Spring does not start until the third week in March!

Skier - Winter


Snow Arch - Winter

Snow Arch

Groundhog - Winter


Skier Centerpiece - Winter

Skier Centerpiece

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